A Statement from the Artist

Years ago I experienced a misfortune of health: the violent onset of an inflammatory bowel disease called ulcerative colitis. During its progression, my body imprisoned my attention in a lonely, fearful, and absent place.

In my favor, the awareness of my ailments transformed into an awareness of my resurgence—whether returning to my most primitive sensory experiences or my connection to everything around me.

In seemingly ordinary moments, I would arrive fully in the present, and devastating beauty would dawn on me, leaving me in a heightened state of awe—I experienced gratitude in a profound yet intuitive way; the effect was incredible emotional release: sobbing. The paradox lies in that the most pure, sacred, and rich feelings I’ve ever felt are inextricable from darkness. 

The visual and thematic language of Fresca Bella Studios stems from this experience of paradoxical beauty and post-traumatic growth. To reflect symbiosis and resilience, I juxtapose vibrancy against darkness and harmony amidst chaos. My elements are arranged into sprightly and spiritual compositions that celebrate life in terms of movement, voluptuousness, and arousal. Imagery of growth, symmetry, and transformation alludes to rebirth and awakening. I design suggestive and flowing shapes in consideration of emotion, perception, and expression as bodily experiences. Shapes will enmesh, open into caverns, disappear, and evade true recognition in their abstract form—playing with the fluidity and the rascality of consciousness.

May these themes gently guide, but not limit your viewing experience.